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Who we are

Rebel is coffee created unapologetically different. Rebel believes in the power of a few extra steps to reach a higher level of quality. Rebel is here to fight the disingenuous, socially accepted standards of coffee for you.

What we are trying to do

Inspired by years of tasting, critiquing, and researching, Rebel is the result of passion. Rebel was created with a common goal in mind - increasing the levels of joy and pride in the simple things, like your morning cup of coffee.
Rebel strives to educate consumers and provide them with the highest standard of coffee, food, and service. Using ethically sourced, locally roasted coffee and the latest in time and space technology, we did the research so you wouldn’t have to. Just sit back, relax, and let us take you on a ride.



The Drifter, the Resistance, and the Rebel

This journey can all be boiled down to one simple fact: these guys love food and beverage.


Starting back in the day at Tryst, owned and operated by Peter, Manny was a regular. To say that Manny came in often is a grave understatement, something that Manny didn’t realize until checking his credit card statements. Manny became so well-known at Tryst he would come in through the back door and would often be found at staff parties and wine trainings.


From there, Peter and Manny grew a bond that could go between friendship and business at the toss of a coin, understanding that business matters are not personal and personal matters are not business. The understanding of great food, wine, beverages, and service was something these two have always had in common. In the 15 years Peter and Manny have been friends, they have grown from sharing laughs, to sharing boats, to now sharing ownership of Rebel.


Andy and Manny began their relationship over their great love of coffee many years ago at Andy’s coffee shop, Atomic. As Manny was working in Beverly in the automotive field, coffee and conversation was a staple, and something Andy could easily provide. The years of time spent in Atomic was something Andy and Manny are very fond of. So much so, that Atomic began roasting the coffee for Manny’s Rockstar Adventures trips.


As Andy transitioned to Florida, Manny would often make visits and try to woo Andy into starting a business with him and Peter. Manny saw something in both Andy and Peter that he knew could turn into something beautiful. As Manny fondly puts it, Peter was the drifter, Andy was the resistance, and Manny was the rebel.


After years of persistence, Manny found a way to create the passion project known as Rebel, with Andy and Peter by his side.

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(AKA Andy)

Andy Mahoney was originally introduced to specialty coffee shops while traveling the pro mountain bike circuit in a ’77 VW Camper named Fritz. The small details and vibe he experienced in these coffee shops inspired him to bring something special home to the North Shore. Beginning his ventures in New England with Atomic Café, Andy helped grow a single store into a small chain and award-winning coffee roaster.


In 2017, Andy sold his shares of Atomic to start Lifted Coffee Roasters, a wholesale coffee roasting and cold brewing company, servicing Florida from West Palm Beach to Miami and offering barista training, roasting and brewing instruction, café design and beverage industry consulting. 


Once named a “Master Coffee Roaster” by the Boston Globe, Andy has continually sought progression, so much so that he led his team in co-developing proprietary solutions for pollution control and brewing, as well as an automated beverage serving solution for the industry.